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Friday, July 17, 2009

This is who I've been sharing my computer time with.!

Dear Chloe has made a home here very quickly. She is so lovable. And she loves my computer. She can often be seen sleeping on me while I cruise the gallery. Sometimes she thinks she needs to help. Wouldn't I want her to catch that arrow? ! LOL! Yesterday, I walked in the room and found her cleaning herself on my keyboard! I almost shooed her off, but then I quickly decided to grab my camera which was near-by. I love this photo when she discovers she was caught! LOL!


Susan Raihala said...

Such a cutie!

Monique said...

lol...she is can you get angry at a face like that lol :)

America said...

OHMYGOSH, this kitten is just too stinkin adorable!!! AND man, can I relate!! Ive always been a dog lover, but my first cat (a bright blue eyed white girl siamese) found its way into my heart and my life just 2 years ago. CATS are so FUN/FUNNY/trouble makers/Cuddly/loving... all of it!! Thanks for sharing this seriously CUTE picture of yours!