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Monday, August 30, 2010


I have been so distracted that I haven't been concentrating on commenting and favoriting for which I deeply regret. Here are a few random awesome cards I have to share.

stamperjen0 (CAS)
Kathleen Curry
PaperInBloom (CAS)
keuby (CAS)
Clear and Simple (CAS)
JenMarie (CAS)
newlystamping (CAS)
cindybstampin (CAS)
stampercamper (CAS)
star (CAS)
mkstampin74 (CAS)
joan ervin
In my closet Stampin (CAS)
cookiestamper (CAS)

1 comment:

Shirley-anne said...

Thank you for sharing these . You know , us newbies could be wandering willy nilly all over blog land and miss many good places so thanks for providing a little treasure map.