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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sitting on both sides of the fence...

... as usual. LOL! I have a special needs child and I'm a special education teacher. That definitely has its advantages and disadvantages... truly. I know what to do AND I know too much to make me worry. LOL! (BTW, DH says worrying is a hobby of mine. Sigh)

This photo does not reflect my political views. I'm not thrilled with either presidential candidate. But it is another positive sign, to me, that Sara Palin is just one of us with perseverance to make our lives a better place.

Sarah Palin is from my generation. She is a working Mom. She stands up to what is right regardless of her party affiliation. Her religious beliefs are close to mine. She has a special needs child. Her family isn't perfect, but they support each other. And what did she do last weekend, she stopped the bus to get a pack of diapers. She's so... normal.

Now, I'm not "supposed" to like Sarah Palin. I'm a dedicated union employee. I was raised in a political family and remember walking in parades and handing out fliers door to door... to help my Democratic family run for various offices.

It's really hard not to like her.

So, I'm not going to tell you who I'm going to vote for... well with this exception. My best friend is running for the local school board... and she's getting my vote. :)

Photo taken by Kevin Kelly


Anonymous said...

Love your insight and quite frankly...what's not to like about Sarah Palin? She is an amazing woman and although I agree that neither candidate really floats my boat, one certainly seems the lesser of two evils and he just happened to pick this amazing woman as his running mate. I guess you know who I'm voting for ;).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know how hard it is and I commend you for it!

Nancy Riley said...

I just couldn't keep from commenting on this post! I absolutely adore Sarah Palin --- and John McCain! They truly are the duo to lead our country into the future! The alternative is quite frightening to me!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Two thumbs up to you, Miss Boo, for putting it out there, like it is!!! Yes, a remarkable woman!!!