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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Adventures of Late Night Stamping

Have you ever made a card in the middle of the night because it was better than lying in bed not being able to sleep? This is what I did a couple of nights ago. And one mistake after another happened! This card was supposed to look like this: Bucky the Bunny (DRS Designs sneak peek) with one balloon (colored with Copic markers) and a stamped ground with Vicki's Versatile background, followed by sponging in the same color of caramel, a colored cotton tail colored with a white gel pen, a sponged sky with the scene mounted on pumpkin cs and mounted on white cs with bunny paw prints, and then finally mounted on a pumpkin card base. That's it. Maybe some ribbon.

So, this is how the story goes. LOL!

1. I was too lazy to mask Bucky and his balloon, so I sponged some sky on his perfectly colored, shaded balloon. I tried to cover it up with darkening the coloring. Bad mistake. It was too late to mask anything to stamp another balloon, so I stamped the back of dsp for the balloon.
2. Since I used the lighter shade of dsp, I had to make to blend in more so it wasn't obvious why I had used the dsp balloon. You guessed it. I added just a tad, not too much, of the same dsp on the base of the card.
3. I somehow ended up with a smudge on Buck, so I added a bow.
4. The bow was in an odd spot. I could have wrapped the ribbon all around, but I didn't want to cover more of Bucky up, especially with his cute cotton tail! So, I added some brads in hopes of making it look "more even".
5. At this point, I saw one more mistake that I did't think would ruin the card in my eyes. And I was finally too tired to come up with a reasonable cover-up. LOL!

So, has this ever happened to you.... daytime or nighttime? Do you try and fix it with cover-ups or start over?

Please tell me I'm not the only one making mistakes and covering them up :)

Bucky the Bunny will be released by DRS Designs on February 20th!


scalder said...

Mistakes, what mistakes. You're the only one that knows they exist cause you made the card. To the rest of us it looks pretty darn good. But yes, I admit, they happen to me all the time. Some I just leave, cause hey, that's part of my personality, I'm not perfect either:) I find people I make for and then give the cards to are just so impressed that I MADE the card, they don't see my mistakes!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

can so relate! use cover-ups!!! unless there are just tooooo many! LOL he turned out adorable and others dont see our mistakes!

Anonymous said...

Never would have guessed the ballons were hiding a booboo, but did wonder about the bow placement. :) LOL!!!! No one would ever know but you!! That's why they are called HANDMADE!!!