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Monday, March 15, 2010

Who is a vizier?

On the Christian Paper Crafts site, I start 2 threads on the same day that I post the color challenge. One is the question-of-the-day... Today it is the question posted in the challenge: What does St. PAtrick's Day mean to you?

I also start a thread in the "What are you doing today?" sub-forum. I thought I'd post what I would be doing today... testing. :)

Anyone taking a test today? My students had 4 tests last week: 2 math, science (cells & heredity), & language arts (persuasion & advertising). Today, we take the last of the tests... for now. Tuesday will be a welcomed relief!

Today's Test: Social Studies - Daily Life in Ancient Egypt (Chapter 9)

Quick review!!!
Who is a vizier?

Here are some easier ones: What is embalming?
What are you doing if you are using heiroglyphics?
What is the government doing when it conducts a census?
What important thing is in short supply during a famine?

How did you do?

1 comment:

Natalie said...

No test for me today but I was a little on the testy side (shame on me!) It may be because I knew I would have to come home and work on my taxes, yuck! So, I'm off to do that now!! Have a good evening, Jen.