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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Did a little cruising...

It's been awhile since I've posted random favorites I've seen in galleries. I've been exhausted from unexpected life "things". There are not a lot of cards here, considering how little I've posted faves, but it's a start. I love the inspiration I get from everyone.

Sunday, May 16

TheresaCC (CAS)
ltecler (CAS)
Anne Ryan

Saturday, May 15

sf9erfan (CAS)
msb4u (CAS)
hskelly (CAS)
true-2-you (CAS)

Friday, May 14

LateBlossom (CAS)

Thursday, May 13

criminalgrace (CAS)

Wednesday, May 12

al-silver2 (CAS)
debdeb (CAS)
1busymomof2 (CAS)

Tuesday, May 11

LaLatty (CAS)
LaLatty (CAS)
mocjen (teacher notes)

Monday, May 10

LaLatty (CAS)
LaLatty (CAS)
Tenia Sanders-Nelson (CAS)
LateBlossom (CAS)

Sunday, May 9

PaperInBloom (CAS)
TexasGrammy (CAS)

Saturday, May 8

hskelly (CAS)

Friday, May 7

al_silver2 (CAS)
LaLatty (CAS)
n toll (CAS)

Thursday, May 6

krystie lee (CAS)


LateBlossom (CAS)
LateBlossom (CAS)


1 comment:

Patty (LaLatty) said...

What an awesome list of cards you posted, thanks for sharing them with us.

Also, a great big thank you to you for listing some of my cards here on your blog. It's such an honor for me because I love your work!