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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Storage: Loose Ribbons & Colored Images

Guess what? I have too much stuff!!! LOL! I bet you do, too. *wink*

I color images just to color sometimes. I find it very relaxing. Some of these images I colored 2 summers ago. I'm not kidding. They get put in old SU stamp storage plastic boxes. It was handy for storage, but I wasn't using them. So, I decided to use some of my teacher equipment that was no longer being used in my classroom. These blue wall hangars are called pocket charts. The pockets are clear.

This pocket chart is bigger and also holds embossing folders. Not pictured is another pocket chart that holds my nestabilities dies and more... can yo guess?... yes, colored images. Pictured below the embossing folders are rolls and rolls of ribbon. I love ribbon! There's more not pictured. But not all of my ribbon comes on rolls. Look below.

Above and Below: I used plastic wall hangers to hold longer ribbons. If I don't remember to close the door to my craft room, the cats have a party. So that's the one down fall to this. But now I remember what I have so it gets used. Yay!

Pictured below is one of my cats. She likes my ribbon! :) The little container on the left holds ribbons that are just big enough to tie on a spiral clip or notebook. The larger container holds ribbons big enough to tie a bow or wrap around a card for a knot tie. They range from 9" to 14".

Switching into a smaller room has been a chore. I'm getting closer to being done though. It's hard to stamp when everything isn't in its place. Sigh.

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