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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I took me 3 days to unmount my stamps! My fingers are soooo sore! But I knew if I stopped, I would put off finishing it. For now, my background stamps will stay on wood. And I haven't unmounted the alphabets yet since I haven't been scrapbooking like I should.

But the rest.... unmounted. I filled 3 large Stampin' Up boxes! Wow! I had no idea I owned that many stamps. The space I have gained in absolutely incredible! As soon as I have my craft room cleaned and reorganized the way I like it, I'll post pictures. It's a huge mess right now with extra clamshells cases and piles of sets for sale or trade. Yup! You heard that right. These are just the stamps I'm keeping!

Deciding what was OK to mount was very hard for me. I am very bad about selling and trading sets. I'm getting better at choosing stamps I will use for a long time. Which is good, because unmounted stamps don't sell or trade well.

Due to cost, only my sentiments and verses are mounted on EZ Mount right now. Eventually, all my stamps will be in binders. This 2.5 inch binder stores almost all of my sentiments. It holds 5 pages of stamps (front & back). In between each page of stamps are stamped images for finding and locating what I need. (It also helped me see that a couple were upside down! LOL!) The stamped image sheets are in page protectors. There are 5 sets of stamps on the page you see in the photo.

What to do with all those clamshell cases?


There are 4 sets of small background stamps in the extra large case. I have these carefully mounted at a corner of the wood blocks and line them up well when I'm stamping.... I don't want to mess that up. The large background stamps are displayed on a bookshelf. I've never had room to display them before! Wow! Maybe I'll start using them again! LOL!

The medium case holds 4 sets. They are labeled on the index card. I was careful to keep themes together while placing different styles & colors of rubber together in one shell so I could easily identify which set the stamps come from. Some of the boxes also holds individual stamps. I will slowly be mounting these on EZ mount and placing them in a binder. For now, I'm using the naked rubber on the acrylic blocks with Tack 'N Peel from Tsukinek.... cheap!

The tiny case holds photo corner punches I received from my PIF friends! These little ones are sooo awesome! They hold lots of things like embellishments and other small supplies. The larger one are great for holding mat stack sized designer paper, markers, and more! Some of mine are holding game pieces!

The cases I don't need are being sold. People buy these things! Even the blocks (new ones only) can be sold on Ebay. Cool!

Now I need to catch up on stamping, blogging, and challenges. I will post the new week of challenges soon. First, I think the family wants dinner. Geesh!


Dawn Mercedes said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I can't believe you! hahaha...have fun!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Oh yeah...and check out my've been nominated...

JAR said...

WOW! What a lot of space you have saved! I never thought I would like acrylic or UM, but I am slowly changing....
Looking forward to the pics~!

Michele Zwart said...

OH, you are so brave! And holy moley that is a lot of wood blocks!w