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Monday, June 14, 2010

StampTV - Favorites

I am so excited! I received an email saying that I had a card in the featured gallery on StampTV. (Edited... Thanks to Vera's comment, I went hunting for the color challenge winner. I had thought that must be it, but I had been looking in the wrong place. LOL! Now I get to choose a free set!)

The card can be found on this post.

In honor of StampTV, I'm going cards from their gallery today. They have sooo much gorgeous eye candy there!

Suzanne Dean - Miss You
Jessica Fick - Simple Friends (CAS)
Jessica Fick - Enjoy Your Birthday
Jessica Fick - Surf's Up!
Lynn in St. Louis - Show the Way
Carla Suto - Thinking of You
Kay S. - Thanks Friend
Kurtis Amundson - Hope Grows (CAS)
Kurtis Amundson - Friends are Forever (CAS)
Theresa - Friends are Forver
Theresa - Stars
Theresa - Fine Furnishing
Melanie Muenchinger - Friends are Forever
catdidit - Tattered Friends
Emily Giovanni - Rock Star Bookmarks
Donna Baker - Hip Candles on your Cake
Donna Baker - Kangaroo Baby Cakes
Bev Gerard - Where Hope Grows
Valerie - Botanicals Sympathy



Vera said...

I believe your card was featured because you won the STVCOLORCS2 color challenge, Jen! Congrats!

Natalie said...

Hooray and congrats Jen! I won last week for the Inspiration challenge!! Fun, huh?!!

catdidit said...

Thank you so much Jen for the mention of my card!! Made my day! :D