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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Mail

Look what came in the mail this week! This gorgeous bookmark is from Susan (LateBlossom). Isn't she sweet? It's already in one of the books I'm reading. Yes, I read many books "at the same time." I love fiction and non-fiction. Mystery and Christian romance. Contemporary and historical. Adult and children's books. I don't like to put books on the shelves in my classroom for my students unless I've read or at least skimmed it.

One book stays in my purse at all times. I never know how long I'll have to wait in a waiting room. (My family has a lot of doctor's appointments.) And I have to have a different one for silent reading time at school, of course. And at last, there are the books I read at home.

These are the books that I'm currently reading.


kjo13 said...

Lucky you! (mail from lateblossom) Beautiful bookmark.

I enjoyed seeing your reading material. I, sometimes read several at a time, too, and I usually listen to an audio cd in car to & from work.

I've read The Shack & my eye went immediately to the lighthouse book since i'm from michigan, too, and have been there over the years. I will certainly be checking that out. The cover alone was gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing!
Kathy (kjo13)

Susan Raihala said...

Glad you have already put the bookmark to good use! I also have multiple books going at one time and always have reading material on me while waiting at the rehab clinic for Jack at his weekly appointments.

Anonymous said...

What a nice suprise!! I am always reading multiples too!! At least 2 or 3 plus the audio book in the car.
Have a great week!!
Read-on sister!!! :)